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TimeTraveller for Kids. Learn to read the analog clock

Time Traveller is a Windows Desktop PC game developed for young children to help improve their memory, and also make them better at reading the analog clock. The game requires Online installation and Offline usage.

  • Improve Memory
  • Educative
  • For Children
  • Intuitive
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The Challenge

Children have difficulty with encoding and decoding information, in storing or consolidating information in long-term memory, or in retrieving or accessing information from long-term memory.

Problems with working memory - the ability to keep in mind the information required to complete a task - affect kids both in and out of school.

The Solution

For young kids, learning to manage time is a skill that must be consistently taught and practiced. Although time management can be challenging for anyone, it is important to help children understand how to strengthen the time management "muscle".

TimeTraveller includes activities that work on visualization skills of the user. Improved working memory - how we hold on to and work with information stored in short-term memory, is crucial in learning not only to follow directions, but to get active and make a plan achievable.

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