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Tactical - Chess Algorithm. Master strategic chess opennings

Chess is a game where the continuously evolving strategy helps players to develop their problem solving skills. These skills develop over the course of learning how to play the game. The natural progression in improvement of these abilities can be witnessed in the way a player learns to adapt and change as he or she moves on from being a beginner to an expert.

  • Critical Analysis
  • Memory
  • Attention
  • Mental Stamina
  • Creativity
  • Time Management
  • Make connections
  • Free

The Challenge

There are numerous strategies in chess that a beginner has to learn to become a great player. These can range from simple ones like castling and how to avoid a stalemate to more complex ones like how to control the center and how to successfully execute a game play. In addition, there are many innumerable moves for opening, closing, controlling the center that help a player to win a game.


The Solution

Learning the various opening moves help the beginner to understand how a series of simple moves can help achieve a win. They understand that whatever move they make, the focus on the final goal can help them get to the finish line. This learning also translates to lessons in life as the learners plough through the various challenges life throws their way without losing sight of the final goal.


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