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Algebra Original Works

Algebra - Education for Kids. Learn to solve linear & algebraic equations

Here is a Free learning application that generates random algebraic problems for the user to solve within a certain time frame. A pen and paper by your side might prove to be handy, or you can simply work with your mind. The game works offline, simply download and install.

  • Improve Memory
  • Educative
  • For Children
  • Intuitive
  • Random
  • Challenging
  • For Windows PC
  • Free
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The Challenge

Mathematics can be an intimidating subject for students, but with the right teaching strategies, educators can engage students in the subject matter and assist them in better understanding complicated concepts.

Problems with working memory - the ability to keep in mind the information required to complete a task - affect kids both in and out of school.

The Solution

ALG-v1.1 is highly benefitial to show students, it puts the student's mind through a variety of ways to approach mathematical ideas and processes, allowing teachers to deviate from traditional models of instruction that students may find less engaging.

A dynamic education requires the use technology to engage students in mathematics and encourage them to cultivate logical skills and understand the conceptual parts in depth. This will go a long way towards preparing students to succeed in the careers of the future.

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